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This site "" is a portal site where various information on the tour guide in Kyoto is sent. A lot of tourists visit Kyoto that is the sightseeing spot that represents Japan every year. To enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto more, the helpful information is added to such a tourist fast on this site.

It is sightseeing interpreter guide and business foreigner guest's attend in Kyoto in an English pavilion. ・2010年12月13日

Please leave the sightseeing interpreter guide in Kyoto and Nara to an English pavilion. The sightseeing interpreter guide at the sightseeing trip for the foreigner is done in an English pavilion. Other interpreters in international business are supported, and I will support communications related to English all around.

Kyoto Royal Hotel

Kyoto Royal Hotel is in the heartland and Article 3 in Kawaramachi of Kyoto, exists in the range to which concentrated Ponto-cho and tree shop town, etc. in a popular Shinkyogoku, temple town, and restaurant among Yasaka, [**sono], and the souvenir that can enjoy the air of Kyoto can make one's way on foot, and is excellent in the access. Moreover, it is possible to go to Kinkakuji temple and Ginkakuji temple by one bus. It is in the place of 1 minute on foot from "Kyoto City Office front" of the subway for five minutes ..Keihan Main Line "Sanjo"...

Kurama Spa

One Kurama Spa has been built along the open air road that passes by an average house of a rich poetic sentiment as a hotel. The sulfur spring where the hillside in famous Mt. Kurama-yama in the pommeled horse braggart springs is here. [Yukimi] is visited in winter, and it can enjoy oneself over the riverbed dish, and a lot of tourists visit it the aim in summer.

Hanami-koji expert

As for the Hanami-koji expert, a tasteful town where it is as running, a restaurant from of old and the tea shop are especially placing eaves in a line to the region from the Shijo expert to Kennin-ji Temple in the area in the south, and the flower street emotion drifts in the south north can enjoy the center of the Gion-cho.